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When you suffer a work injury, it can change the trajectory of your life in major ways. The Law Office of Mark C. Wagner can provide the help and support that you need to rebuild if this happens to you.

Workers’ compensation benefits are available to you that make it possible for you to obtain necessary medical care, support yourself and your loved ones while you cannot work, and even find a new profession if your workplace injuries make it impossible for you to continue in your current career.

In many cases, however, obtaining these benefits can be a challenge – even though workers’ compensation is supposed to provide you with broad protections in case of on-the-job injury.

The Law Offices of Mark C. Wagner fights to get you the benefits that you deserve, including vocational benefits, which can be some of the most important services you are entitled to. You should give us a call as soon as you get hurt at work or if you are being denied benefits that you need and deserve so we can help you to protect your future.

Vocational Benefits Can Help You Rebuild Your Life After a Work Injury

Many of the most dangerous professions, such as construction, are professions that require you to be able to do physical labor. Unfortunately, this means that workplace injuries are often career ending.

While your injury may prevent you from doing a job in which you have prior experience and training, this does not mean there isn’t other rewarding work you can do. In fact, to ensure you have as many opportunities as possible available to you, workers’ compensation benefits should include vocational benefits.

Vocational rehabilitation provided through workers’ compensation can prepare you to excel in a career that you can still thrive in, despite any permanent injuries or impairments that occurred due to your work injury. As part of your vocational benefits, you should be able to work with a vocational counseling or rehabilitation specialist to chart a course of action for returning to gainful employment despite your workplace injuries.

Vocational benefits should also cover the costs of training, tuition, or other education that you need to find gainful employment that you can do with your injury. With new credentials under your belt and help from a vocational specialist, you can prepare a new resume, complete a job search, and find a rewarding new profession to support yourself and your family.

If your permanent injuries cause you to earn less than you were earning prior to your injuries, you should also be entitled to partial wage loss benefits. Partial wage loss benefits should continue during the time when you are doing your training as well.

Unfortunately, there are circumstances where workers’ compensation insurers attempt to use vocational benefits to try and end your wage loss benefit, depriving you of the income that you need. You do not have to give up lost wages benefits while you try to train for a new career if changing professions was made necessary as a result of your work injury.

Getting Help from a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

At the Law Offices of Mark C. Wagner, our compassionate and knowledgeable legal team is committed to helping you accomplish your goals for your future after a work injury.

We focus on listening to our clients’ needs and helping them to work within the legal system to obtain the benefits they deserve so they can move forward after a serious injury. You should give us a call as soon as you have problems getting the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve so we can fight for your rights.