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In most cases, our clients are hurt, financially suffering, and sometimes nearly incapacitated by bewildering red tape and new and unfamiliar rules and regulations. It is an unfortunate reality that bad things sometimes happen to good people, and in many instances, the legal system simply does not adequately protect their rights. People with injury claims need help. Even when they’re getting help, we know that they want to be kept involved, updated and informed about their claim.

We hand pick our legal assistants after careful consideration. We choose compassionate, efficient and qualified people to work with us – and you! They have experience with the special needs and concerns of injured clients and are instructed by our mission statement. They can almost always provide an answer to your less “legal” questions and they have access to the attorneys’ legal expertise.

We know that “staff turnover” can be disruptive to our office and our clients, so we invest in our employees – some of them started at entry-level positions years ago, and were offered the opportunity to increase their skills, talents, and contributions. We’re proud of them, and they’re proud of what they do.

Call or email any of our staff members and they will assist you in scheduling your free consultation in our office. You can also arrange for your free consultation by calling the general office line at 888-279-2002, emailing us.

Reaksa Hay - Executive Administrator/ Paralegal

Reaksa serves as the law firm’s Executive Administrator and Paralegal, greeting our clients in person, maintaining orderliness in the office, and working on various administrative tasks for the firm. Boasting five years of applicable experience, clerical duties and responsibilities are second nature to Reaksa. Reaksa handles and overseas all of the workers’ compensation and Personal Injury claims. She is here to help with any and anything. As a young girl she always knew she had a passion to help others. Prior to working in the legal field, Reaksa was attending school full time hoping one day to make a difference, even in the smallest ways. When Reaksa is not working she enjoys spending time with her  family and 7 year-old daughter cooking, being outdoors, and going on foodie adventures.

Supporting Cast
Tiffany Bertucci
Tiffany Bertucci - Bookkeeper

Tiffany first worked with Mark in about 1995 when she was a “microfiche girl” in a shared office space.  After obtaining her B.A. in Liberal Arts from the University of Washington, she accepted Mark’s job offer and became a part-time receptionist at his new (and solo) office in 2001.

It was quickly obvious that Tiffany’s energy and attention to detail demanded more challenging work, and she began writing the daily Trust Account checks for clients on time loss.  At that time, Mark contracted out for business tax work, bookkeeping, accounts payable, and account reconciliations.  However, Tiffany was interested in learning those duties, and as the business and office expanded, it became clear that an in-house bookkeeper would be more efficient and effective for the practice and the clients.  Tiffany was more than willing and capable of taking over those tasks.

Since 2003, Tiffany has daily proven her loyalty, discretion, and trustworthiness.  She has two beautiful daughters – who can occasionally be seen “decorating” the office in more ways than one – and is the proud wife of a lieutenant of the Federal Way Police Department.

Tiffany is available to answer any client questions about checks and likewise can help facilitate a free consultation at the office.

Supporting Cast
Irina Spizhavka
Irina Spizhavka - Administrative Assistant/ Legal Assistant

Irina joined the Wagner team in 2019 starting off as our receptionist who quickly worked her way into our full time administrative/legal assistant. Irina uses her considerable multitasking skills and customer service experience to help families and injured workers by providing detailed support to the attorney and paralegals at the firm. From complex personal injury cases to simple phone consultations, she is involved from beginning to end. Irina assists clients by providing regular contact and updates, maintaining the case calendar and deadlines. She also assists as the back-up bookkeeper helping with daily time- loss and pension payments for clients.


Irina enjoys singing, hiking, camping, and spending time with her family and friends.

Supporting Cast
Ann Bixler
Ann Bixler - Receptionist