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Personal Injury

Sometimes people get hurt through pure accident or just plain bad luck.

But many, many times, someone’s negligence has either directly or indirectly caused an innocent party to be harmed.

There are two parts to every claim for negligence. First, there must be a liability – that is, someone must have caused the accident through fault. Second, there must be damages that warrant the expense of pursuing your particular injury claim.

Each case is different – we’ve handled a motorcycle, automobile, airplane, dog-bite, fishing boat, maritime, logging, product defect, slip-and-falls, and wrongful death cases – but in general:

  • We investigate the liability part of the case. That might involve taking statements or depositions from witnesses or parties to the incident. It might entail using a private investigator or retaining a safety expert.
  • We investigate the damages to you. With your help, we collect medical records, bills, wage loss documentation and proof of other out-of-pocket expenses incurred as a result of your injuries.
  • We help you get the best medical care possible. Once no further treatment is needed or an ongoing pattern of treatment has been established, we give the client our opinion on the range of a reasonable settlement, and describe in plain English the basis for that opinion.
  • We try to settle your case up to the courthouse steps. There is a lot of time involved in getting a case before a jury, and the expenses of procuring medical witnesses/opinions for trial (and other court costs) are sometimes outrageous – we discuss the big picture in depth with our clients, and take the needs of you and your family into consideration. If the facts, damages, and proof of liability warrant it, you can rest assured we will take your case to court and do our best to win and maximize an award to you.

If you believe you may have been injured as a result of someone’s negligence, contact us today to schedule a free consultation. Call 888-279-2002 or email

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Over $100 million in permanent total disability benefits paid over 35 years of practice.
$2.5 million
Family of four rear ended on freeway.
Thurston County case closed with no disability. Obtained verdict of permanent and total disability.
Knee injured in auto accident.