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Workers’ Compensation

Workers Compensation

We are proud to represent the hard-working people of America.

You are the backbone of our history, our economy, our success. Most people take pride in being productive working citizens and get a large portion of their self-esteem from their own job performance.

It’s a difficult time when you get hurt on the job, or when you realize you’ve developed a medical condition as a result of your daily work activity. You trust your employer and the state to help you out, so you file a claim. Suddenly, co-workers and employers – people who smile at you and say “Hi” every day – start treating you like you’re a criminal, as though you’re trying to get something you’re not entitled to. Despite what you’ve seen on TV once in a while, in over two decades of practice we haven’t met an injured worker yet who was happy to get hurt. If you’ve been injured on the job, the flow of your life has been interrupted, and that’s a stressful event. Throw into the mix that you’re in pain and have to jump through hoops to get medical treatment or compensation for time lost, and you’ve got a tough situation to deal with.

If you’ve suffered a significant injury for which you did not receive an impairment award, or you doubt whether you received a fair award, call us for a free consultation at 888-279-2002, or email us and we will contact you back to arrange for a free consultation.

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Workers’ Compensation

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