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We Want To Hear your Story

You need a lawyer.  Something bad has happened.   All of us have stories in our own lives that we need no preparation to tell.  That is because we have lived  the story.  We have experienced it.  Something has happened in your life that caused you to contact us.  We want to hear about what has happened in your life. We want to understand the effect this has had on you and your family.  We want to try to experience your story so we may be able to tell your story to the judge or the jury.

Why People keep coming back.


People get an attorney when there is trouble.  They want the problem to go away.  The only way people keep coming back is if you are able to provide a good result.  We strive to treat people with respect and dignity but the reason for our success can be said in one word: Results.

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People Feel Heard

When somebody tries very hard to listen to you, to really try to understand what you say, it is satisfying.  We all really want to be heard.  When someone really listens and really tries to understand where you are coming from, we feel heard and validated.  We strive to be that listener.  She strives to step into your shoes to understand the effect this problem has had on you and your family.  Even if we are not able to solve your problem, you will feel heard.

We Know We Can Get Better

We are the first to admit there are smarter lawyers in town than us.  There are better-dressed lawyers in nicer offices too.  But we can assure you that no group of people will try harder to hear your story than us.  No group of people will try harder to tell your story in a meaning, emotional and truthful way than us.  No group of people will be more committed to obtaining a just result than us. 

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Mark Has the Privilege of Teaching Others

Mark has been asked to help train lawyers.  He is so proud to be an instructor at the Gerry Spence Trial Lawyer College.  He has traveled to  Africa on six different occasions to help train lawyers.  He spends time in the local public schools too. He has traveled all over the country helping lawyers do focus groups on their cases.  He knows that if he, and attorneys in general, just work on and become better people, than we necessarily become lawyers. 


Over $100 million in permanent total disability benefits paid over 35 years of practice.
$2.5 million
Family of four rear ended on freeway.
Thurston County case closed with no disability. Obtained verdict of permanent and total disability.
Knee injured in auto accident.