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Medical Case

When you suffer an injury as a result of an accident, the costs of getting medical treatment can be very high. Paying for medical care may be difficult or impossible when the injuries are very serious – especially if injuries from an accident prevent you from being able to work.

You have legal rights after an accident, including the right to obtain compensation for both economic losses and non-financial losses. Many of the financial losses that accident victims endure occur because of expensive medical care. Victims may need care both in the immediate aftermath of the accident and, in some cases, for the rest of their lives.

If you have been hurt and you need compensation to help you cover the costs of your medical care, The Law Offices of Mark C. Wagner can help.

Our compassionate and knowledgeable legal team is devoted to fighting for the rights of accident victims to help them obtain the compensation necessary to get the very best care possible after an accident. You deserve to be able to get the treatments you need to recover as much as possible and to enhance your quality of life after an accident. We will help you to make certain you can afford the very best care.

Medical Cases After an Accident

After an accident that was caused by another person, company, or entity, the person who was responsible for hurting you should cover the costs of care you have already received. This can include paying for emergency medical treatment, diagnostic care, physical therapy or rehabilitation, adaptive medical devices necessary due to your injury, palliative care, and all other costs associated with diagnosing and treating your condition.

To obtain the compensation necessary to cover your medical care costs, you will need to show the injury was related to the accident and that the care you received was necessary because the accident occurred.

When someone has hurt you and you pursue a claim for compensation, the case is typically resolved through a negotiated settlement or through court proceedings within a few months of the accident. In some cases, this can stretch to a few years if there is a major dispute over who was to blame or how much compensation you are entitled to receive. When your case is resolved, there is a strong likelihood you will not yet be fully recovered if your injuries were serious – and, in fact, you may never fully recover from your injuries after many accidents.

If you have suffered permanent injury, you should be entitled to receive compensation for ongoing and future medical care you will require. You should be made whole after the accident, which means if you will have medical spending over the course of your lifetime, you should be compensated for these future costs at the time your accident claim is resolved.

Proving the full extent of medical costs can be difficult, especially when future costs are an issue in your claim for compensation. We at the Law Offices of Mark C. Wagner are experienced at handling medical cases and we can put our knowledge of these types of complex cases to work when negotiating a settlement on your behalf or fighting for you in court. To find out more about how we can help you get full compensation for medical costs you incur due to an accident, give us a call today.