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When you experience a job-related illness or a job-related injury, there are benefits available to you through workers’ compensation. This can include medical benefits. Because the costs of treating a workplace injury or illness can be very high, it is important that you understand your rights when it comes to making a claim for benefits.

The Law Offices of Mark C. Wagner can help those who have been harmed at work to get the full benefits that they deserve by making a successful workers’ compensation claim. We can work with you through the process of obtaining benefits and we can help you to understand and protect your rights when it comes to getting your medical care paid for.

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Workers’ Compensation Medical Benefits

Workers are entitled to medical benefits through workers’ compensation.

This means that whether you have cancer or a lung condition because of exposure to toxins, a hernia or repetitive stress injury due to performing job tasks, or an injury from an accident, your medical costs for your work-related health conditions should be covered in full.

Workers should be entitled to receive payment for all medical care required due to a work injury including:

  • Diagnostic appointments, lab testing, X-rays, MRIs or other imaging scans, and other medical testing necessary to determine the nature of the condition and develop a treatment method
  • Medical care, including physical examinations and surgical treatments or other interventions
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation
  • Medications, including pain medications
  • Adaptive medical devices and medical equipment made necessary as a result of the work-related injury

Unfortunately, there are circumstances where workers’ compensation insurers either deny legitimate work injury claims for benefits or deny coverage for specific types of care that an injured worker may need.

If an insurer denies care because the workers’ compensation insurer believes it is unnecessary, experimental, or unlikely to provide relief for the patient, this can prevent an injured worker from getting the best standard of care.

Injured employees have the right to get the care their doctors believe they require, and workers’ compensation insurers should provide the full coverage for medical care necessary to help an injured employee to have the best chance at recovery. A workers’ compensation attorney can provide assistance to any worker who is facing challenges in getting the necessary coverage for post-injury treatments.

Getting Help from a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

At the Law Offices of Mark C. Wagner, our legal team is committed to helping clients on the path to recovery after work-related injuries. Our firm values every client we help, and we pride ourselves on listening carefully to understand your story so we can offer you the highest quality legal services as we fight for your rights.

A workers’ compensation attorney at our firm can help you to understand the rules for making a workers’ compensation claim, choosing a doctor and changing doctors if necessary, undergoing required examinations when claiming benefits, and fighting for the full coverage for medical treatment that you need.

You want to ensure your recovery is never compromised by an insurer who denies you medical benefits that will help you to recover from your work-related injury, so you should give us a call as soon as possible after getting hurt on-the-job so our firm can go to work fighting for your rights.