Why should you hire me?

We won, but we won more than the settlement, more than the money… ..I won back my pride”


He’s personable, funny, very serious in his job, very compassionate… ..he cares”

– Robin

Ruben fue herido en un accidente con un montacargas – en Espanol.

Juan dislocó la espalda en el trabajo – en Espanol.

Ruben was injured in a forklift accident

Charles was a professional truck driver

Dorothy was a flight attendant

Robin’s husband got hurt at work

Trevor was injured at his construction job

Personal Injury

About Auto Insurance

Defense Medical Evaluations

Why I Wanted to Work for Mark Wagner

Re-opening Worker’s Compensation Cases

Medical Treatment


Permanent Total Disability

Workers Compensation

Why should you hire me?

He’s willing to go the extra mile for you.”

– Charles

“He’s my guiding light, he’s always been truthful.”

– Dorothy

“Without him, we wouldn’t have been able to survive”